The Hypneegee file was written by Owli and Pawleeh when he was taking photos of the Indeegee Temple in Sky Gee HtraE. Unlike the rest of the victims he was lucky he survived being killed by Hypneegee. Owli and Pawleeh were found unconscious near the entrance of the temple covered in plane bullets and fortunately never bleed to death, but Owli and Pawleeh gained conscious by Weegee and we were taken back to the Weegee Air Rangers headquarters zeppelin by Weegee to show what Owli and Pawleeh had some evidence. The file is stored in the Weegee Air Rangers headquarters zeppelin's cabin.

Evidence Edit

Friday, February 12, 2016: Mysterious Aviation Sightings of Hypneegee Vol.1

When me and Pawleeh were in our planes looking for some evidence of Hypneegee. I saw his zeppelin with the big glowing eyes. I went to get a closer look at the zeppelin, but oh my gosh, I saw a squadron of planes with glowing eyes at the front heading straight towards us shooting bullets. Me and Pawleeh took cover to the mountains where the temple we discovered and landed our planes there. We saw another plane with glowing eyes parked near the temple. We looked at the cockpit to see if anybody is there. And there is saw Hypneegee and we took a photo of him quickly and then we scrambled back to our planes to safety and took off. I radio Weegee that I found him, Weegee believed me and sent the Weegee Air Rangers to save me and Pawleeh. Somehow, Hypneegee in his plane and zeppelin ended up gaining on us and we ended up crashing near the temple's entrance after we were bulleted. But at 1.20am we gained conscious after Weegee had woken us up from a deep sleep and he taken us back to the Weegee Air Rangers headquarters zeppelin to safety and we handed the pictures to Weegee of evidence of Hypneegee and he gave us Hypneegee Medals.