Rainbow Twenkal is Twenkal's Rainbow form, It was made when she touched Rainbow Radiation, making her colorful, her form is known to have some of the Fakegees powers which are altered and she has some of her own powers.

Powers Edit

Cloning: She can clone anything (including herself). However, the clone will be weaker.

Rainbow Radiation Flower: If she says Rainbow Radiation Flower she turns someone into a Rainbow Radiation Flower.

Rainbow Twenkal stare: Her stare is slightly more different than Alphaweegee, If she stares at someone, they will explode in a nucelar explosive range.

Rainbow Twenkal Virus: If she stares at someone, they'll become a Rainbow Twenkal clone.

Highly Nuclear Rainbow Boom: she can shoot a highly, brutal nuclear deadliest rainbow laser explosive out of her eyes that can kill a mass of her enemies.

Rainbow Laser Vision: She can shoot explosive deadly Rainbow Lasers out of her eyes rapidly.

Rainbow Overlimit: Can charge a highly sonic explosive rainbow fireball out of her eyes and hurl it at her enemies.