Ouwli is the Weenee version of Olie, he was created when Owli wanted a Weenee that looks like him, he hates Weenee, Weewee, Maylleo and Fatran and is friends with Beegee, Gruwli, Owli, Uuulliiie, Greegee, Growli, Keewee, Weegee, Beelee, Heegee, Uigi and a fusion of Owli and Ouwli named Ouwleei, he also joined the Pac-Owli Army.

He has the ability to make Power Pellet Hot Dogs and Power Pellet Sausages and has the ability to use the Ouwli Virus which can turn people into Ouwli Clones, he also created a large army of Ouwli Clones for the Pac-Owli Army and also chomped Gloomius Maximus's helpers most of the time who try to make Planet Powli miserable, he also works in the Power Pellet Forest in Powli Veel that all of the members of the Pac-Owli Army work in, Ouwli also created a Power Pellet Punch store for the citizens of Powli Veel known as "Ouwli's Power Pellet Punch Market" and the "Ouwli Power Pellet Hot Dog Mall".


Ouwli Stare: When he stares at someone, they'll become a Power Pellet Sausage/Power Pellet Hot Dog/Ouwli Clone.

Ouwli Virus: When he stares at someone, they'll become a Owli Clone via the Ouwli Stare.

Laser Vision: He can shoot lasers from his eyes.