The Nintendon't Disgee is a gaming system invented by Yubee and his family, Yubee later imported copies of the Nintendon't Disgee to the Nintendon't company and became a employee, however, Yubee outlawed any games that didn't have to do with him and Disgee Planet, the most popular Nintendon't Disgee game is Pac-Owli.

Games Edit Edit


Pac-Owli: Into the Maze Roots

Super Pac-Owli


Pac-Owli Plus

Pac-Owli and Pooky

Pac-Owli Mania

Professor Pac-Owli

Shupa Wrane Brudas and Sistas

Shupa Wrane Brudas and Sistas 2

Shupa Wrane Brudas and Sistas 3

Shupa Wrane Worald

Shupa Wrane Worald