Multicolored Owlis are Owli Clones that come in a variety of colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, they are part of the Rainbow Owlis and the Pac-Owli Army, Some of them are more stronger than the normal Owli Clones while some are weaker and each Multicolored Owli can have different powers, power levels and strengths. Multicolored Owlis were created when a Owli Clone made a Multicolored Owli Cloning Machine that can make Owli Clones in different colors. Some of the Multicolored Owlis can talk, Most of them are mute, they are also enemies with Olie Polie, Pollie Polie, Billy Bevel, Screwy, Stephanie Polie, Coochie, Coo and other bots of the Bawt Galaxy, they are archenemies with the Olie Clones, the Multicolored Owlis also hate ghosts also, they are also workers of the Power Pellet Forest across the Bawt Galaxy and the Multicolored Owlis come in different random genders, they also created Planet Rainbowli and created a leader of Planet Rainbowli called Rainbow Owli, there are more Multicolored Owlis in Planet Rainbowli than Planet Powli due that they like multicolored things. Powers EditRedwli Virus: When a Redwli stares at someone, they'll become a Redwli. Orangewli Virus: When a Orangewli stares at someone, they'll become a Orangewli. Yellowli Virus: When a Yellowli stares at someone, they'll become a Yellowli, but they are a slightly different color and have a feather like Owli. Greenwli Virus: When a Greenwli stares at someone, they'll become a Greenwli. Bluewli Virus: When a Bluewli stares at someone, they'll become a Bluewli Purplewli Virus: When a Purplewli stares at someone, they'll become a Purplewli. Laser Vision: The Multicolored Owlis can shoot lasers from their eyes depending on their color. X-Ray Vision: Some Multicolor Owlis have that ability, some of them don't. Gallery Edit