Jellyeegee is the sister of Peanuteegee and Buttereegee, she is a tomboyish girl Fakegee and was created when Peanuteegee used 42eegee's Weegee Clone Maker, she thinks of ideas

Jellyeegee v3

and is best friends with Pincheegee, Kep and Twinkleegee and is the enemy of Jelly Otter, Twinkle and Pinch, she likes playing rodeo and space games and Weegee Robo Blast 2 in the Nintendon't, Unlike all the other Girl Weegees, her moustache is real like male fakegees and some male fakegee kids.

"Push Start to die" - Jellyeegee

Powers Edit

Push Start to die: When she says "push start to die" to that person they'll die.


Jellyeegee Virus

Lasso: she'll try and use her lasso to strangle her enemies.