Gmajorli is a Fakewli who was created when a Owli Clone fell into some G-Major DNA causing the Owli Clone to turn into Gmajorli, he has a G Major Voice, he is best friends with Gmajorelee and is the husband of Gmajorawleeh, he is also the ruler of Planet Gmajowli, he is friends with Fakewli, Growli, Pawleeh, Owli, Owli Jr, Beegee, Zeehee, Zeegee, Weegee, Leegee and Heegee, his son is Gmajorli Jr.

He is also enemies with Samaweegee, Peenee, Weewee, Weenee, Maltroegee, Angrygee, Luigi, Sqeegee, Sqeenee, Sqalleo and is a frenemy of Walleo, but is not an enemy or frenemy with Waweegee, he also joined the Pac-Owli Army and formed the Pac-Gmajorli Army as a squadron for the Pac-Owli Army, he also hates Olie Polie, Gmajorlie Polie, Pollie Polie, Gmajorllie Polie and Stephanie Polie due that they always terrorize the Bawt Galaxy and try to take over the Power Forest of Powli Veel.

Powers Edit

Gmajorli Virus: When he stares at someone, they'll turn into a Gmajorli Clone.

Laser Vision: Same as Weegee, but shoots inverted yellow lasers.