The Gee X-007 is a plane invented by the Keppawr Bone Legion privateer organization led by Keppawr. The plane can go up to 200mph and can be found at secret areas of Sky Gee HtraE. It doesn't have any propellers and has a hover field engine instead. At one time, Dr. Scientisteegee stolen a copy of the Gee X-007 blueprints and modified the blueprints and named it Gee X-008 Mk II and Serpent which were other unauthorized planes.

The Gee X-007 is also an unauthorized plane. Another Gee X-007 called the Gee X-007 Mk II plane was made by the Hughgees Aviation company. The Gee X-007 is very nimble and can carry a large supply of weapons and is normally fitted with 50 cal. cannons. Next to the Devastator, the plane can be very useful for other pirate groups and privateers of Sky Gee HtraE.

List of Clones of the Gee X-007 Edit


Gee X-007 Mk III

Gee X-008 Mk II

Polie Saver