The Cowgirl Sal Buckaroos (nicknamed Cowgirl Sal Killers) is a pirate gang led by Cowgirl Sal, it is one

Cowboy Sal Bombers

of the

Cowgirl Sal Corrupted Picture

Cowgirl Sal, Leader of The Cowgirl Sal Buckaroos pirate gang Note: Picture is partly corrupted, a non-corrupted picture and high quality picture of her will be added eventually.

famous outlaws of Sky Gee HtraE, Cowgirl Sal and her pirate gang's objective is to steal GeeDollars, destroy Weegee Air Corps and Sling Strolm, it is allies with the Weegee Killers, Bandit Fakegee Group and the Zowie Raiders.


Cowgirl Sal (Leader)

Zowie Polie (Double Ace Pilot)

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Cowboy Hero

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