Brakeegee is a giant metallic weegee robot that shoots cannonballs, sticky goop and missiles.

Powers Edit

Cannonballs: The first attack is to shoot cannonballs towards you. The cannonball fly slowly towards you in an arc, leaving enough time to avoid them.

Brakeegee's Front View

Goop: As a second attack, Brakeegee will start shooting sticky goop at you. The goop moves much more quickly than the cannonballs, making it more difficult for you to dodge the shots. If you come in contact with the goop, they will get stuck and cannot move. If you are stuck, Brakeegee will jump on you, hurting you in the process.

Missiles: As a third attack, Brakeegee will shoot four spiked missiles at you.

To defeat Brakeegee, you must hit him eight times. There are two ways to hurt him:

Antenna: Jump towards Brakeegee and land on his head. He will try to swat you with his hand, hurting himself in the process. Be careful to jump off immediately, or you will get hurt as well.

Missiles: You can hang on to the missiles and steer them towards Brakeegee. Be careful to jump off before you hit him, or you will get hurt as well.