"Beelee" Beeval is Owli's best friend and is the weegee version of Billy Bevel and was formerly 70 years old


due that the De-Aging Machine had made him 7 years old permanmentaly making him not turn back to his 70 years old counterpart again.

He is the king of Planet Cuwbee, he is close friends with Pawleeh, Zoweeh, Greegee, Malleo, Marioxs, Keewee and Teegee, his father is Bawxtur, his mother is Bawnteeya and his close brother is Beenkee, he also joined the Weegee Air Rangers to be Owli's best wingmate, he also likes Square Shaped Pac-Dots and Square Shaped Power Pellets, he also goes to the Gee Cube to meet the Mincreegee Characters, he is with Owli more often and likes helping Owli defeat the Weegee Killers.

His archenemy is Billy Bevel and Binky Bevel, his secondary enemies are Olie Polie, Pollie Polie, Screwy, Stephanie Polie, other bots of the Bot Galaxy, when he says "Cuwbee", he'll turn you into a Mincreegee Character, he is closest friends with Steveegee due that their shapes are the same, he can also use the Beelee Virus which can turn his victims into Beelee Clones, he also joined the Pac-Owli Army, he has the ability to rotate his head, arms and feet and like Owli and other circular shaped bots he can strech his arms and legs, his Kart Fighter is Bill, his Meegario is Beelbilly.

Differences between Beelee and BillyEdit

  • Like Owli, Beelee wears a hat with a feather and his hat is square and is green, while Billy's hat is blue and isn't square and lacks a feather.
  • Beelee doesn't have crossed-eyes, while Billy most of the time have crossed-eyes (sometimes Billy's eyes are not crossed-eyed and are normal).
  • Beelee's gloves are green, while Billy's gloves are blue.

Differences between Owli and BeeleeEdit

  • Beelee is square, while Owli is round. 
  • Beelee has the ability to rotate his head, eyes, arms and feet, while Owli doesn't have that ability.
  • Beelee and Owli live in different planets of the Bawt Galaxy.